Want To Know If Your Are At Risk For Macular Degeneration? Here Are Some Factors That Can Affect Your Eye Health

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Eyesight is a precious gift, but one that can easily be lost through aging and health issues. One common eyesight problem that strikes approximately 6.3 million older adults is macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is far more prevalent in older patients, particularly those over the age of 75. If you are aging and experiencing issues with your vision, you may be wondering what factors can place you at greater risk or if you could be facing dry or wet macular degeneration yourself someday. Here are some of the things that can lead to this serious eye condition.


There are conflicting reports concerning genetics. Some studies indicate that those who have parents with this condition don't ever get MD, yet other families do show many genetic predispositions for this condition. Essentially, having a parent with MD can indeed increase your risk, but it is not an absolute that you will end up with MD – there may need to be additional factors at place as well.

If a parent has MD, don't panic, just be more watchful and have your eyes examined with greater frequency.


Quite frankly, getting older is the single biggest risk factor for your eye health. As you age, the retina begins to degenerate simply as part of the aging process. Unfortunately, this means that you are at greater risk regardless of your overall health, and if you are pre-disposed to MD, then aging will facilitate that issue and you could develop MD.


Some of the additional factors that can contribute to MD could be triggered by less-than-healthy lifestyle choices. If you smoke heavily, lead a sedentary lifestyle and neglect to eat the right vitamins and nutrients, this can speed up the retinal deterioration greatly. A healthy lifestyle will ensure that your eyes and body receive the right amount of oxygen and nutrients needed to keep all of your parts in good working order.

If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, this will only speed up any potential health issues that are present. Your best prevention against MD is to eat well, take plenty of vitamins (particularly zinc and antioxidants), quit smoking and exercise regularly.

You can't do much about getting older, but you can help your body be healthy. If you spot many of the risk factors for MD in your life, you can make some changes now to help lessen your risks and keep your eyes in prime condition.