2 Ways To Help You Recover From Your Lasik Procedure

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Lasik is a fantastic alternative to wearing corrective lenses because of the many benefits that it provides. However, quite a few people still hesitate to get the procedure done because they are worried about discomfort and the recovery period. By following the simple steps outlined below, you can make the Lasik recovery process as easy as possible.

Eye Shields

One of the most important things that you can do in order to recover from Lasik quickly and easily is to avoid rubbing your eyes. Rubbing your eyes for about the first week following the procedure can actually cause the corneal flap to shift. The corneal flap will have been created during your procedure, and if it is shifted it can prolong the healing process or cause enough discomfort or pain that you will need to see your eye doctor to restore the flap to the correct place.

In order to keep yourself from rubbing your eyes, you will need to wear eye shields when you go to sleep. The eye shields can be plastic glasses, goggles, or even just hard plastic lenses that you place over your eyes.

When wearing these while you are trying to sleep, the shields will prevent your from rubbing your eyes in your sleep, or having your blankets and pillow from rubbing across your eyes as you shift in bed. In addition, the eye shields will protect your eyes from being rubbed in the morning when you first wake up and may be too groggy to stop yourself from rubbing them.

Eye Drops

You will also want to consider investing in quite a few over-the-counter eye drops. This is very important because your eyes may feel inflamed, irritated, or dry more frequently following the procedure. The eye drops will be instrumental in keeping your eyes comfortable so that you do not rub your eyes during the first week or so following the surgery. 

In addition, the eye drops will often be needed after the surgery to deal with the decreased tear production that many people experience following surgery. In that situation, the eye drops will be able to keep you comfortable and your eyes healthy.

Speak to your eye doctor today about the many benefits provided by Lasik. Eye drops and eye shields are two simple ways to make sure that the recovery process following a Lasik procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

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