Getting A Prescription For Contact Lenses & Buying Them

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Have you been considering getting contact lenses for your blurred vision? Once you have undergone an examination for contact lenses, you can take your prescription and choose your contacts from either a store or an online company. Find out below about the process for getting your eyes examined for contact lenses, as well as the most efficient way to get them after a prescription is issued.

What Happens During an Eye Examination for Contact Lenses?

When your eyes are examined for contact lenses, some of the same tests for eyeglasses will be administered. The visual acuity test is one part of the process, and it is a process you are probably familiar with. You simply read a chart that has letters, numbers or a mixture of both until you can no longer see them clearly. Keep in mind that you should not squint when reading the chart, as it can lead to a false diagnosis of the condition of your eyesight.

Each of your corneas will also be examined during the process to find out if they are irregular or not, as astigmatism (blurred vision) is diagnosed based on the shape of the corneas. It is important for each cornea to have a natural curve for the retinas to take in light. How light hits the retinas is what determines how clear your vision is. The optometrist will simply look into each eye with a light for the exam.

Before you are written a prescription for contact lenses, your corneas will have to be measured for the perfect fit. The measurements will be taken by way of a computerized corneal topography test or manually with a keratometer. Sometimes both methods are used as a way to compare measurements and get a more customized fit for your contacts.

Where Can a Prescription for Contact Lenses Be Filled?

You can visit the optician of your choice to get your prescription filled. However, you may want to consider making your purchase online. When you buy contact lenses online, you often get to choose from a wider selection, and some websites may have deals that are available.

You can also pay for the prescription using your optical insurance coverage. There are some online opticians that will accept an upfront insurance payment. Get your eyes examined so you can get the prescription needed to start shopping for your colored contact lenses as soon as possible!